UF-4 Student Affairs

UF-4.002 Student Government Constitution
UF-4.004 Social Fraternities and Sororities
UF-4.005 Reitz Union
UF-4.006 Commercial Activity; Selling of Merchandise, Activities Involving Off-Campus Vendors
UF-4.007 Confidentiality of Student Records and Applicant Records
UF-4.009 The University of Florida Career Resource Center
UF-4.010 Employer Registration for On-Campus Recruitment
UF-4.012 Grievance Procedure
UF-4.027 Student Employment
UF-4.028 Financial Aid
UF-4.029 University Housing; Assignment Priorities
UF-4.031 University Single Student Housing; Requirements for Signed Agreement
UF-4.032 University Apartment Housing; Requirements for Signed Agreement
UF-4.035 Health and Accident Insurance Requirements for Foreign Students
UF-4.036 Involuntary Medical Withdrawal
UF-4.038 Student, Spouse, Domestic Partner, and Dependent Services and Benefits
UF-4.040 Student Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct
UF-4.041 Law School Honor System
UF-4.052 Religious Observances
UF-4.060 Military Veterans and Active Duty Service Members