UF-2 Public Functions

UF-2.001 Possession and Use of Firearms
UF-2.002 Campus Demonstrations
UF-2.003 Distribution of Printed Material
UF-2.004 Use of University Space
UF-2.0151 Promotional Trade-Outs, Giveaways, In-Kind Exchanges
UF-2.016 Camping, Fishing & Hunting on Campus Prohibited
UF-2.0162 Skateboards, Rollerskates, Rollerblades or Similar Devices
UF-2.0171 Use of University Facilities by Academic Professional Organizations
UF-2.019 Alcoholic Beverages
UF-2.021 Animals Not Allowed in Buildings
UF-2.022 No Smoking and Tobacco Use
UF-2.023 St. Augustine Historic Properties