UF-1 General

UF-1.0001 General Description and Address of Agency
UF-1.006 Non-Discrimination/Harassment/Invasion of Privacy Policies
UF-1.0061 Affirmative Action Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity, and Administrative Organization for the Affirmative Action Program
UF-1.0063 Affirmative Action; Complaints and Appeal Procedures for Academic Personnel (AP), Technical, Executive, Administrative and Managerial Support (TEAMS) Staff Members, and University Support Personnel System (USPS) Employees
UF-1.0065 Prohibited Consensual Relationships
UF-1.007 Code of Penalties
UF-1.008 Disruptive Behavior
UF-1.0081 Prohibition of Hazing; Procedures and Penalties
UF-1.009 Employment of Relatives
UF-1.0101 Research Integrity
UF-1.0102 Policies on Information Technology and Security
UF-1.0103 Policies on Restricted Data
UF-1.0104 University of Florida Ethics Policy
UF-1.011 Disclosure and Regulation of Outside Activities and Financial Interests
UF-1.012 Tuition-Free Courses
UF-1.015 University of Florida Campaign for Charities
UF-1.016 Admissions
UF-1.017 Separations from Employment, Layoff and Furlough
UF-1.018 Works and Inventions
UF-1.019 Limited Access Records
UF-1.100 General Personnel Policy
UF-1.101 Compensation
UF-1.200 Benefits, Retirement Programs, Employment Services, and Holidays
UF-1.201 Leaves
UF-1.202 University Bonus Plans
UF-1.300 Direct Support Organizations; Health Services Support Organizations
UF-1.400 Major Gifts Challenge Grant Program or Matching Gifts
UF-1.500 Processes for Complaints of Fraud, Waste, Abuse, or Financial Mismanagement; Fraud Prevention and Detection
UF-1.600 Educational Research Centers for Child Development